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Our Services

The residential services that we provide are as follows:

Leak detection and repair (metal & tiles)


Roof coating (metal, tiles & asbestos)



Box gutters

Roof restoration


Wall seepage treatment and painting

A leaking roof can cause damage ceilings, walls, insulation, carpets and electrical goods. Our team of professionals will identify and eliminate roof leaks until the problem is solved.

You need to feel like your home is safe and secure, by making sure that your home is water tight.

At K.K.ROOFING CONTRACTORS PTE. LTD. we will discuss with you any of the main issues that you may have been incurring with your  roof so that we can get the best possible solution for your property.

Housing is one area where changing the roof can dramatically improve the appearance of a building (as the roof generally makes up a significant portion of the outside structure).

Our qualified team of roof and waterproof specialists  take great pride in their work, always completing a job to the customer’s satisfaction.

Clay Tile Roof

Clay Tile Roofs provide long lasting protection and last more than 20 years after initial installation provided that the roof design & actual installation are carried out in the proper manner. However, problems may occur in the flashings and roof ridges. Typical repairs carried out may include the following:
 Replacement of cracked roof tiles.
 Sealing of vertical lapping joints.
 Rectification of water backflow.
 Waterproofing of gutters and roof ridges.

Metal Roof

Metal Roofs would last for more than 10 years before corrosion set in. At this stage you should consider rust treatment and 5 system waterproofing to prolong the lifespan of the roof. Some of the services we provide
 Sealing up of lapping joints with waterproofing membrane.
 Waterproofing of gutter and flashings.
 Re-caulking of sealants and replacement of roof fasteners.
 Re-coating of entire metal roof.

RC Roof

Due to our hot climate, concrete flat roof left without proper waterproofing may result in cracks. It is therefore important to protect it with a good quality water-proofing system. We provide 2 types of waterproofing services.
 Five Layer Waterproofing System.
 Torch-on Membrane System.

New Metal Roof

We supply and install a wide range of metal roof. With energy efficient architectural designs more and more in demand, metal roofs are becoming popular again. A metal roof can be very energy efficient. When treated with a reflecting coating it can provide a significant reduction in cooling costs. Metal roof can last for a few decades. We install metal roofs of good quality.

New Clay Tile Roof

New Clay has been used as a roofing material since before the dawn of civilization. The clay products commonly found at archeological sites can be thousands of years old, and are a testament to the durability and long life of clay–two excellent qualities in a roofing material. Because clay tiles come in many different shapes, sizes, colours and styles you are likely to find a tile that suits your structure perfectly.


We have workers with good experience in internal and external painting work. Our team of specialist painters will pressure-wash all surfaces to be painted, repair all cracks with approved patching compound and then paint with good quality paint.


If you’re looking to replace your guttering system, the big question is what type of gutters are the best? Let’s look at the various types you have to choose from.

Steel Gutters

If you are looking for strength a steel guttering system is your choice here. Steel holds up to the elements better than any other type of gutters. They will basically last forever.

Copper Gutters

The durability and visual appeal make copper gutters an excellent choice for your home. They are easy to maintain and hold up to rain water very well. The major drawback with copper is that it can discolor over the years. What starts out as shiny and gold can turn to dark brown or green over time due to oxidation. With that said, there are sealants you can to help prevent this from happening.

Aluminum Gutters

The selling points with aluminum guttering is their light weight and affordability. They are the most economical rain gutter option. Aluminum is not as strong as steel or copper, but they still hold up well to the different weather elements.

Vinyl Gutters

Vinyl gutters provide you with a system that is lightweight and virtually free. They also give you a variety of colours to choose from that other gutters do not. The drawbacks to them are their lack of strength and the fact they are subject to the effects of hot or cold weather.