K.K.ROOFING CONTRACTORS PTE.LTD | Waterproofing Specialists
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Waterproofing Specialists

At KK Roofing Contractors we are specialists in supplying the architectural and construction industry with the best waterproofing services for basements, roofs along with seismic and expansion joints for concrete structures.

When water gets into your home, it causes more and more problems. Our Waterproofing Specialists can correct these problems, and it will ensure that your home and its contents are secure and that the value of your home is maintained. Use our waterproofing technologies to solve your water leakage problems.

We have repaired and waterproofed many different structures and used many different products over the past years. We  use many different waterproofing products on the market. We believe that matching the correct product and application technique is vital in solving your unique waterproofing problem.